2001 Visual Statement- Around the World


For my project i have chosen the theme of "Around the World", I want to express different cultures from around the world through different illustration and fashion. I want to show my understanding of the world and extend my knowledge on people everyday lives. I will experiment with different media to portray various traditions in certain cultures, I will focus on some kind of crisis such as climate change to show how people come together through crisis.

I think it is very important to know about the world and I think the best way for me to express this is through illustration and fashion design. I hope to extend my knowledge of the world. I will undertake research, brainstorm concepts, build on concepts and then apply these concepts to clothing and finally one final piece for the exhibition.

Ideas for Multiculturalism:

- Small companies in big cities

- Britain, shaped by global cultures- helps music, fashion, art and film stand out.

- Brings people together

-Different ethnic groups converging

Related words:

- Come Together

- Art

-More Aware

- Music

- Stand Out

- Film

- Identity

- Diversity

Mixed Mediums:

I will experiment with different mediums to show how people of different colour and traditions etc can come together as one human race and help each other to create something.

I have researched many different art mediums I could use:


I will experiment with a few of these on different clothing material before I decide which material I will be using for the project.

Art in Fashion research:

I really like the black and white monochromic style with just line art and the grunge look on most of these, with this kind of style I can draw lots of people's faces around the outfit.

Outfit ideas:

My initial idea for the project is to illustrate a whole outfit to spread a message of community and connectedness. This will either be a piece separated into parts (jacket, trousers, shoes) or a whole piece (overalls, suit, hazmat suit).

I want to also include people and express their different cultures through their style etc, so I have looked into various artists that embrace this in their art.

Artist Research:

@vangoathe (Instagram)-

Firstly, I needed a fashion illustrator so I could understand the different poses for creating concept pieces and also for creating a scene for my exhibition. I am very inspired by VanGoathes work on Instagram, he creates hand drawn characters and seems to transfer it digitally and adds colour to merge different brands into anime styled outfits.

For my final piece I will have myself dressed in the outfit in front of a illustrated background that will work together with the outfit.

Meszely- Illustration Artist

Originally found on Pinterest and Etsy, I have recently found an Illustration artist that i think could work with connectedness and showing different people on the design.

I am sure she works with watercolours in the background and pen over the top, in my circumstances, this could work well with acrylic paints underneath ink or pen. I have tested with different faces myself with watered down acrylic for the background in orange and grey and also tested how the faces would be placed.

I feel that these are very expressive with simple lines and could work well on clothing to show lots of people on one piece.

Concept Ideas:

With the places and faces ideas in my mind I decided to create illustrations from images of random people I found on the internet, i tried to work quickly and expressively using brush pen, fine liners and markers. I think the monochrome colours are great as they show no difference in colours of skin or anything so there will be no discrimination.

The continuous line idea is good as it shows the constant connections between humans and how we are all connected someway or another.

The brush pen is good as this show different thicknesses in the lines allowing fro shadows and depth to come into the face without adding intricate details.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) has recently spread across the world leaving billions of people to self-isolate and stay at home.

"Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness." - World Health Organisation, https://www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus#tab=tab_1

As this virus has suddenly affected everyone everyday lives, I felt that it was a very important time for humans and that the best way for me to express what is happening is through illustration and fashion. My initial proposal of "Around the World" hasn't changed as I will still focus on the connections made by humans, but for now I will focus on how these connections are related to COVID-19, for example; social media has impacted many people's lives and I want to look at the positive impact it has had on people. I think that social media has brought many people together in this time of crisis and I want to show this through illustration.

I will use phrases currently used in the media:

Concept ideas for Coronavirus:

I wanted to include large slogans that people will find recognisable in years time such as "STAY HOME, SAVE LIVES"

I will use these images for all of the faces as reference on the design:

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