CMED2008 Available Light Photography

Bitmaps/Raster – made up of pixels (Photoshop etc)

Vectors – made up of coordinates (Illustrator etc)


- Screens are measured in pixels per inch (ppi)

- Printing is measured in dots per inch (dpi)

- Cameras are measured in megapixels (e.g. 6.5 mega pixels = 3072x2048 pixels)


- Most common is JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), JPEG, though very useful, is ‘lossy’.

- Always save in PSD (Photoshop document) while working on an image. If wanting to shoot without compression RAW should be chosen in the settings on the camera.

Anatomy of the Camera

P- Programmed Auto: Camera sets shutter and aperture.

S- Shutter Priority: User chooses shutter speed, camera chooses aperture. i.e. high shutter speed freezes motion, slow shutter suggests movement by blurring the image if there is movement. Change shutter speed using right hand thumb wheel on REAR of camera.

A- Aperture priority: User chooses aperture, camera sets shutter. i.e. Large aperture (small ‘f’ number such as f3.5) softens background and lets more light into camera. Small aperture (large ‘f’ number) increases depth of field bringing more of the picture into focus. Change aperture setting using right hand thumb wheel on the FRONT of camera.

M- Fully manual settings (need to use the light meter in combination with this on the top right display)

Aperture Vs Shutter Speed

Large aperture (small ‘f’ number such as f3.5) softens background and lets more light into camera, vice versa.

High shutter speed freezes motion, vice versa.

Nikon D7200 Controls

Affects of shutter on exposure

Setting exposure isn't always the reason for the amount of light that is let into the camera. Shutter speed can determine how long the camera is exposed to light also. These are expressed through fractions of time.

Main Brief

Unnoticed, Unseen, Overlooked

"After experimentation with a range of techniques you are asked to produce six final thematically related photographic images that explore the concept of ‘Unnoticed, Unseen, Overlooked’. The theme could be explored philosophically or it might be a political, personal or an agenda driven concept. To be successful it will require careful thought, planning and skilful camera use.

• If you use ‘model/s’ you will need to get permission from them that their photograph/s can be displayed and reproduced. Please include something signed by them to this effect in your report.

• Other photographers’ images cannot be used as part of your work. All images must be your own and taken specifically for this module between the date the project brief was set and the date of submission."

Initial Ideas

I had a think about the brief and I am very interested in the idea of homelessness and people being unnoticed in the streets or for their hard work for example.

These all have a hidden meaning in them and bring context to the viewer, for example the last one shows a bin man saluting whilst riding on the back of the bin lorry, this shows straight away that he is clearly at work, but the salute shows that he is almost the hidden soldier of the modern world. They are unseen and not highly looked upon yet they clear all of our rubbish and keep the world a cleaner place.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) has recently spread across the world leaving billions of people to self-isolate and stay at home and I think this would be a great time to show appreciation to the NHS for their hard work. That is why I have chosen to focus on health care workers that are fighting the virus without any hesitation and putting their lives on the line.

"Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness." - World Health Organisation,

I have researched tweets, sayings and photographs that express the work of the health care workers:

Key themes for NHS photography:

- Clapping

- Appreciation Banners

- NHS workwear

- Masks

- Tiredness

- Stay at Home for NHS

But due to the fact that we are forced to stay at home and self-isolate I am restricted for my photography, my mum is a dental nurse that is not part of the NHS but has equipment that can be related to a NHS worker or health care worker. So I thought I would include this into my images. I am restricted with the equipment I use also, I am using a Canon G7x mark 2 that has still photos controls but is mainly a used for video recording. I can still control aperture and shutter speed though.

RAW images from CANON G7X M2:

I noticed the importance of washing your hands to help prevent the spread of the virus so that this frees up space for the NHS to work with it, so I set up a scene that implies a worker washing their hands and also showing you that it is important. I was mainly focused on working with shutter speed here and catching the water as a still photograph. They show the used work equipment in the background.

RAW images from CANON G7X M2:

I then got my little sister to create a poster that many people in their windows to show appreciation to the NHS. I wanted to show that we are behind the NHS and have got their backs like they have ours, so I thought of taking the images from the inside point of view.

RAW images from CANON G7X M2:

Every Thursday it has become a tradition to clap for the NHS so I thought that I would catch this moment from my own house with my families permission. I went outside of the house and took some quick photographs as this was happening.

RAW images from CANON G7X M2:

I then got a few more when my sister went into her bedroom and clapped from her own window.

RAW images from CANON G7X M2:

There was a distance you should be stood apart when passing or near someone which is 2 metres apart especially in queues for shopping.

RAW images from CANON G7X M2:

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