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Updated: May 3, 2021


  • Inktober 2020 (October 2020)

  • The Batsford Prize (March 31st 2020)

  • Otter Barry Publishing Prize (Semester 2)

  • Picture This! (January 2021)

  • Penguin Design Awards (March 2020)

Inktober 2020

Official Prompt List:

I feel that this prompt list is great to work from so I will be creating illustrations from this official list.

I am very interested in combining fashion and illustration so I am currently thinking of drawing on patches of canvas as patches to go on jackets for people along with some sewn on elements.

These are the original idea for the patches I had in mind, I am still using the Ink part of 'Inktober' with the drawing but changing the concept in my own way so it's wearable art. I have decided to go for a simple continuous line approach with the illustrations because I'll be including sewing in thin lines to blend in with the illustration style.

Finished Inktober Illustrations:

Penguin Book Cover Award

Initial research:

Chosen Entry: Adult Non-Fiction Cover Award

Book: "The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story Of The Future" By David Wallace- Wells

  • Needs to reflect themes and message of the book

  • 198mm high- 129mm wide- spine 20mm

Explains how humanity's complacency and negligence have put this world on a course to soon be unlivable unless we each do our small part to improve how we care for this beautiful place we live on

  • Global nightmare closer than we think

  • Flooding and Droughts

  • Wake up call

"We think of climate change as slow, but it is unnervingly fast. We think of the technological change necessary to avert it as fast-arriving, but it is deceptively slow judged by how soon we need it."

Illustration Style Research

Artist Research


"Dolk (meaning dagger in Norwegian) (Dolk Lundgren),[1] is the pseudonym of Norway's most recognized stencil artist, Andreas Hamran Færø.[2] His motives are often pop-cultural references put into a humoristic or critical context. Dolk's works can be seen on walls in cities such as Bergen, Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Oslo, Lisbon, Stockholm, London, Prague and Melbourne."

I love the look of Dolk's work, it is very similar to the famous Banksy's work, it is mainly street art using stencils and limited colours to portray a certain piece of art as imagery. They all have significant meanings and shows a lot of symbolism hidden in them. For this brief, I would like to experiment with this illustration style of using stencils to help build up my portfolio of styles and add variety to my skill set.

Initial concepts

I think I will go ahead with the stencil making approach, I will create different stencils that I will spray over or use a sponge and paint to get the design right. I have used brush pens for these illustrations but the lines will be a lot cleaner by cutting out the shapes. I will experiment with different layouts on the cover but keeping it simple as I want the symbolism in the stencil art to be most effective on the cover.

From looking at Dolk's work as a stencil artist, I have created a few initial sketches based on his style of work and recreated the statue of liberty.

Final Concept

I have chosen to use the statue of liberty stencil and I created on on card that I sprayed black paint over to get the final stencil with the scuba diving mask on, I like this design as straight away people will realise that something is different about the statue and then they will realise that it is underwater. And once this is displayed with the title etc, it will tie it altogether. I had to add the mask on afterwards with a paintbrush and paint for intricate details as the knife couldn't get that small detail in. I will now move this digitally and recreate the stencil in a vector illustration.

Final Piece

For the final book cover design I have created a digital version of the stencil outcome and positioned it on the bottom half of the front cover filling most of the cover leaving space for the typography. I wanted to keep this cover very simple like how you would see a piece of stencil art in the street so it is straightforward and easy to understand the message. The colours emphasise this message of a climate disaster with the blue colour scheme impersonating the idea of being underwater along with the eroded effect that overlays the image and text.

I have left space along the bottom of the back cover for all the additional information needed to add by Penguin Books including barcodes, price and logos etc.

The Batsford Prize

Theme: Our Planet

"The theme for the Batsford Prize 2020–2021 is ‘Our Planet’. We are looking for entries that show innovative and well-crafted interpretations of the theme, in terms of subject or materials used, or a combination of the two. There is no restriction on the medium used, and we accept both entries that have been made as a part of coursework as well as personal work."

Entrants must have been a student at any time between September 2019 and March 2021.

Initial Ideas:

Inspiration for Our Planet

I want to focus on a positive illustration and possibly educational to people, I like the idea of people replanting and looking after the planet (TLC).

My main ideas are based on the idea of the planet being fragile and needs help rebuilding what we have done to it.

I have an idea of creating a sequence of illustrations showing the rebirth of a new planet by planting a broken Earth into the ground and it growing again. This would be very simple instructions showing people some hope.

Another idea is having the planet shattered and possibly painting this on a jacket so it can be wearable and shown to people on the streets.

Broken Planet Concepts

I think for the final piece I will create a digital illustration that could be a good mix of graphic design and illustration as it could be some kind of poster format. For these concept ideas I have gone for a more flat illustration for the first three images with the broken planet and then for the last two the style is a lot more expressive showing the childish nature of humans and also the fragility of the planet at the same time.

However I think I will go for a more vector, flat looking illustration for the final piece so I will research the style of digital illustration I think will look good so that it is easier for people to understand the poster.

Digital Illustration Inspiration

I like all of these illustrations as they're very simple but detailed at the same time, the grain y shadowing on some of them adds a lot more texture to the pieces so it is more natural looking.

Final Concept Sketches

I have thought of the idea that we should plant our broken planet back into the earth and hope for a green recovery and a new world, this whole concept comes from the idea of coming out of lockdown and showing people it is possible for positivity after the vents that have broken the world.

Final Piece

I love how this has come out, this competition has allowed me to be creative digitally working with a whole new way of illustrating that I have little experience in. But I feel that with little experience digitally I have created a very successful illustration and poster, it shows the regrowth of a new planet (metaphorically) as we come out of lockdown showing the green recovery we should follow.

Picture This!

Initial Concepts:

Style Moodboard

For this story, I would like to test my digital skills a lot more with a series of illustrations that create depth and texture. II like the idea of having a main character with very little or no text involved in the story so they need to be simple and understandable.

Barry Bear Story

Barry Bear In Lockdown

A Day in a Life Of Barry Bear

This idea is the story of Barry Bear during lockdown, in the first scene he is dull and living a depressing lifestyle with lots of eating and being lazy, but the tv announces that the country is in lockdown (due to the coronavirus), this creates a spark in Barry. In this scene the colours will be dark to personify his mood at the time.

In scene two, you will be able to see that Barry has started a new business as boredom got to him and it shows that even in tough times, ideas can spark. He uses his disadvantage to his advantage and starts making honey pot covers and selling them to people. He handmakes them in his home with the sewing machine. The blinds are starting to open and bring light in brightening the whole illustration.

In the final illustration it shows the positivity the most with him becoming famous on television showing that anyone can make a business out of anything even during the hard times. There will be a lot more light coming in in this scene to show a happy ending to the story and Barry being a lot happier than before the lockdown.

Final Pieces

Koschatzy Award(31st January)

Initial Ideas:

For this competition, the brief is to create three illustrations with any theme you would like, therefore my theme I have chosen is "the zone".

This theme will focus on the idea of being 'in the zone' whilst focusing on working or creating, this will be through different ways of working and focusing such as basketball, music or painting etc. This theme was heavily influenced by the film "Soul" by Disney Pixar that inspired me.

It follows the path of a music teacher and whenever he plays the piano for a little moment he enters the zone where the whole scene changes and becomes dreamy, I want to express the feeling in an illustration.

Artist Research

Alyana Cazalet

"Born in Russia, Alyana Cazalet is an artist & illustrator who draws with a loose and expressive style which is a perfect platform for humour as well as an immediate and intuitive way of capturing people, scenes and settings. A few squiggles of her pen and soon a character has been created that looks ready to share a joke with you.

There’s the element of surprise, along with lots of movement and energy in Alyana’s work. Her style is expressive and carnival-esque, and it’s evolving all the time as she experiments with new techniques and different media."

I will experiment with this style of drawing against the faint watercolours in the background

Final Illustrations

I like how these illustrations came out, they really focuse on the theme of being in the zone, the surrounding of the characters in focus are seen are blurry or less in focus with the light shining down on each person. I kept the watercolour looking rough in the backgrounds to help the main details in the center be in focus, it also shows a sense of raw-ness keeping the childish nature of creativity and being in focus without thinking about the outcome so much.

Otter Barry Publishing May 5th

Initial Ideas:

New Boy by Debra Bertulis

I have come from another land

Where life was not always good

Where people weren’t happy

Where people weren’t kind

They didn’t behave as they should

I have come from another land

With Mum and my baby brother

My Dad, my sister

Uncles and Aunts

We all look after each other

I have come from another land

Your land is my land now

I’m learning your language

Learning to smile

New friends are teaching me how

I have come from another land

To your land where people are free

Where people are happy

Where people are kind

Where people are just like me.

Illustration Style Inspiration

I have thought of the idea of creating a character out of pigeons, and incorporating the theme that is talked about nowadays, refugees. I wan to show the idea that even if you're from another land, home is where you make it. The pigeons will act as the refugees entering the new land full of joyful and lively seagulls that they are not used too, but even the small pigeons make a big impact on there community bringing more colour into their lives.

For this competition I would like to bring my continuous line work skills into my digital pieces in some way as well as making it not as refined as other pieces.

I carried out a day of on sight drawings of seagulls and pigeons so I can use these digitally in the story.

Final Illustrations

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