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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Stylish Bleach Art on Your Hoodie

Here I’m going to show you how I experimented with bleach art on my hoodie for the first time, these are tips based on what I did and may not be totally correct but it’s turned out alright so I guess you can trust me! Firstly, my hoodie is from Carhartt, I absolutely love Carhartt hoodies, the quality they put into their products is out of this world I highly recommend

I went shopping then for some bleach as I saw many people work with it on TikTok etc including this artist @devocustoms who creates amazing pieces of art with just bleach and I was so inspired to test myself in a different art style.

What you need: I went for a standard thick bleach from my local store which can be found in anyone’s home even your Nan’s bathroom. And also bought some kitchen gloves just in case I get irritated if any bleach touches my skin, I really should have got a mask so I’ve provided a link to that also below:

Prepare Workspace First you need to prepare the area for bleach work, this includes ensuring proper ventilation in your workspace like ideally working outside or a room with windows and doors opened. Also I had a small mug to put my bleach and another mug filled with water to wash brushes off etc Bleaching the Hoodie

After a little hesitation, I bit the bullet, grabbed my brush and starting bleaching. It was so simple, you just need a brush and bleach to get started with the artwork. You will notice that the more bleach you put on the brighter that one spot will become and I recommend keeping an even amount of bleach in your brush tip for each stroke and then once that piece has dried, go over again and again to enhance the highlights

I used a tape stencil for the portrait on this piece where I cut out different sections for the highlights in the character. And for the extra light parts on the piece I mixed up a bit of Angelus Direct paint to get an orangey white to colour match the bleach

And for the light flare areas like the sun and the glowing eyes of this character I used an airbrush. Just simply pour the bleach and a little water into the air bush and you can get this cool effect

After Care

To remove the smell and ensure the hoodie is ready to wear I gave it a regular wash in the washing machine and let it hang until dry

Finished Product

Here is the finished product, thank you for reading and you can request your own 1 of 1 bleached art from me here

I also do custom painted shoes and clothing, fill in a request form here



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