Live Brief

Flex Brief

"The Brief in Brief FLEX is a new app from Do Something Different, a way for people everywhere to take small steps to a life done differently. We’re currently building the app and need a new FLEX brand identity and illustration approach that creates something distinct, joyous and unique for our audience. Take a look at the draft website We currently have a Do Something Different brand. FLEX needs to feel part of our family of products; but must push our identity further and signal a brilliant new chapter as we launch FLEX in 2021."

  • Whole new branding

  • Logo

  • Animation

Inspiration for branding and illustrative work

Initial Sketches

Colour Scheme

Final Logo

I've kept the design very simple so it can be played with in the future a lot easier, I like how this has come out with the simple stretch of the 'x' clearly emphasises the theme of flexing. It is playful yet aesthetically pleasing at the same for a clean logo. This logo was made on procreate using an iPad Pro.


'Find your own' brief

Brand chosen: Lifted Scent

CEO: Elliott Pickstock

Location: Great Malvern, UK


Branding (logo and website) for a local home fragrance business based in Great Malvern, UK. Create a reliable and friendly approach for the brand.

Words from the brand:

"Lifted Scent is a new fragrance company in Malvern and we aim to make our own candles and fragrances locally by hand, our whole brand is focused on lifted people spirits via these products and we need a new brand identity that focusing on that! It should be simple for the popular elderly population in Malvern but stylish and modern at the same time." -Elliott

Current branding



Brief Guidelines

Design territories

Territory 1, focusing on very simple, nude design. Clever typography, not too busy.

Territory 2, more playful and joyful. Illustrative and bright colour schemes

Territory 3, focused on street culture and urban graphic design. Youthful and unique.

Chosen territory

I have chosen territory 1 for my design ideas, I am thinking this because the brand is located in an elderly town so it should be focused around their desires as well as being modern at the same time for younger audiences. I like the nude colour scheme or even just pastel colours to keep it simple and it creates a more "handmade' and local touch to the products

Initial logo sketches

Digital Logo Ideas

After creating these digital logo designs, I have chosen the bottom design with the icon of the candle shaped as the candle, next I will experiment this with a colour scheme.

Colour scheme

Logo with colour scheme

Logo update

After discussing my logo ideas with the client and my tutor, I have taken feedback that the logo can be seen as inappropriate at times if taken in a different manor. Thus, I will work on a new looking logo that still fits the brief requirements.

This keeps the same typeface but is a lot simpler with the small flame above the 'i'. This is very effective as it can be resized and still read like any text as the 'i' when it is smaller simply can be seen as an 'i' but as you look closer it is a flame and that could be quite amusing to people looking at it for the first time.

Primary typeface: Acumin Variable Concept

Secondary typeface: Arial Regular