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My Top 5 Custom Sneakers of 2022

This year is coming to a close, so before going into 2023 I would like to reflect on some projects I have worked on...

As many of you know I am known for painting all kinds of art on shoes, this year I have created many 1 of 1 pieces as commissioned projects and as my own projects, and I want to show you my top 5 pieces.

2022 has been a great year for my personal growth as an artist, I have experimented with many more canvases including skateboards, hoodies, jackets and even boxing gloves. But one thing that stays strong in my heart is the love of custom shoes and working with a smaller canvas that challenges my 'design head' every time I pick up the paintbrush.

For everything I use to paint these pieces visit here:

Here are my Top 5 Custom Shoes I have painted in 2022:

1. Spider-Man Jordan 1's

Introducing the Spider-Man (No Way Home) Jordan 1's. This pair was actually the first pair I painted in 2022 in early January into February, and stands as one of my favourite pieces I have created in my art career. This was created after watching the Spider-Man No Way Home film as I loved it so much as it was such an iconic moment in Marvel history, it was only right to make this piece.

I coffee dyed the base Jordan 1 shoe to give it that aged look, I think this turned out great considering it was my first time coffee dying a pair of shoes, I loved how the certain parts of the shoes were dyed stronger like the stitching. I then painting the portraits where I spent almost 30 hours on altogether.

2. Mac Miller Air Force 1's

Up next is this pair, the Mac Miller AF1's. This was a commissioned piece for a Mac fan as a way to commemorate his legacy as a music artist, it is a unique piece of a daily outfit that the user that feel proud of.

What was most special about making this piece was the elements around the portrait instead of just the portrait being the main focus, this project helped incorporate the skills I learnt from my Graphic Design course at University. I created a mock up on my iPad on procreate and got to work with different graphic elements and played around with composition until I had this design.

I hope to experiment with many more graphic design styles on shoes in the coming year.

3. Mike Tyson Air Force 1's

I can't have a top 5 list without including this project, the Mike Tyson AF1's. This was a piece that cemented my graphic design and practical art skills onto a pair of shoes in a beautiful way, the use of composition and detail in the portraits help blend the whole custom together.

I did a lot of research on this piece to get the right look, you can read about this pair on a separate blog I wrote:

4. Kanye West 'Graduation' Air Force 1's

Although these look a LOT simpler than my other designs, these are up there with one of my favourite pairs I painted this year. Mostly because it allowed me to showcase my detailing skill with the size 0000 brush painting the thinnest lines I have ever done whilst including colour as well.

I really love this pair as the whit eon the shoes is still the main focus so they can be worn with mostly any outfit encouraging wearable art out on the streets.

5. Tyler the Creator Jordan 1's

This was another pair of coffee-dyed custom Jordan 1's I experimented with this year, this time it was a commissioned project with a 'Call Me If You Get Lost' theme on them. The customer had provided a variety of inspiration images I could work with along with moments from Tyler the Creators 'CMIYGL' tour which was extremely aesthetically pleasing.

I love how summery everything look around this pair with all the bright colours popping out from the coffee background.

Honourable Mentions:

Here are some honourable mentions that I feel deserve to be seen from 2022, I have included some jackets and other canvases I have worked on.

Thank you to everyone who has and continued to support my art career during 2022, it has been an up and down year for my business but I plan to stay and I plan to create masterpieces for people so expect better in 2023...

Request your own 1 of 1 project here:

Thanks for reading!


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