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One Piece Custom Shoes

working blog no.2 28.11.22 Today I’m in Manchester writing this blog as I’m looking to relocate up here from Worcester, this blog is mainly about the One Piece AF1’s that I finished painting yesterday in my studio.

I got the AF1’s from my favourite suppliers in Worcester, @inthestreetsofficial (IG) they’re so quick with service and always have what I need in stock. I have a project with them soon so keep your eyes out…

Okay so with this pair it was based in a previous design that I did on some Doc Martins of the character Luffy from One Piece anime. I love this design as it really tests my line-work skills, I was excited to do it in Air Force as I can get even thinner lines on leather than canvas material I painted on the Docs.

First I used a basic stencil to get the block black and grey (shading) sections which helped my eyes on where to place everything.

Next was freehand connecting these sections with thin lines and eventually making the character come to life. I am using a Windsor and newton size 0000 paintbrush here, you can order one here. You can see that I freehand painted the little one piece logos also which was very sketchy and took a lot of focus, might be losing my sight in a few years because of it. After painting, I seal the Angelus leather paints with a matt sealant by Liquid Kickz, here's a link to their product, it is the best out there and I’ve been customising shoes for over 3 years now experimenting with all sorts of finishing products. Finished Piece

Here is the finished photos for this commission, I really like how this design translated onto the Air Force 1 canvas. I have made a poster looking design to develop my skill set on photoshop so expect more posts like this in the future, maybe some prints?

With my old account being deactivated I’m trying my best with trying to get it back but my old account is doing great thanks to the continued support from everyone sharing my recent posts and I just wanted to say I appreciate it so much. Request are still open for Christmas and New Year, you can get your own 1 of 1 piece here Thank for reading! Cam


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