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meet cam

Cam Pickstock, founder of Cam Createz is a uk based artist that produces 

one-of-a-kind art pieces.

He has been drawing as early as 4 years old, from starting his primary school's first art club with his brother to getting commissioned by his art teacher in secondary school, Cam has art running through his veins.


Since 2018, he has been an artisan of personalization, specializing in customizing shoes and clothing using a variety of paints and materials. His signature style gravitates towards intricate portraits, earning recognition on social media for his ability to breathe life into people's concepts with exceptional portrait and graphic design skills honed over a lifetime. Recently, Cam has ventured into traditional painting, establishing CCZ Studios as a platform to share his more intimate creations. Here, he focuses on refining his portraiture skills and weaving narratives through his art.


Cam has big dreams. He wants to help people express themselves through art and bring joy to everyday life. 

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Shadow on Concrete Wall

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