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Customer Care

All custom painted shoes are made to order on brand new pairs of shoes. Quality is what I aim for in every pair so there is no worry about dissatisfaction with an order. My shoes are sealed with acrylic finisher and crep protect to make them crack and water resistant, however I do encourage not to scratch or rub at the paint. I will nor repair or refund a pair that has been mistreated. 


You can contact me using my email- This can be for persoanl requests or queries about the store and the products. 

Return Policy

These are a custom pair of shoes so please handle them with care (do not scratch and peel at the paint in order to preserve the shoes). I will not repair or replace the items due to poor care. Everything is hand painted and made to order therefore all sales are definite.

I will not return shoes if they do not fit you, please make sure you know your shoe size in UK mens.



Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards

  • PayPal

Shipping Policy

My shipping method is First Class Tracked Delivery, if you have any questions about requesting quicker methods, contact me at

Shipping costs are free for orders over £100, for international countries (outside UK) it is an extra £15. 

Customs are packaged very securely in postal plastic packaging alongside the original Nike shoe box.

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