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The Essentials You Need To Start Customising Shoes

Whether you are just starting out customising shoes or feel like you are advanced, this will hopefully help you find the exact products for your needs.

When I started out painting shoes and clothes, I had no idea what products to use for what and it eventually came from trial and error with lots of different paints, brushes and even cotton pads! But fortunately this allowed me to get experience with what products are good and those that are bad for painting.

For all the links to the products I am going to suggest, I have a storefront on Amazon that shows the exact product:

Painting Essentials:

You will need the very best leather paints, that award goes straight to Angelus Direct paints for me, they're reliable and are very long lasting on leather shoes. Once you start with simple black and white you can then move onto more colour varieties.


The next thing you need is the best brushes I use for fine detailing.


Other Essentials


Stencil Making

You will need to make stencils to get clean shapes or text on your shoes to upgrade the quality of your typography and clean edges.



These are all the essentials you'll need to get to where I am currently, I hope to endure in sewing/stitching materials soon to upgrade my custom shoe game more like you should be too! But for now, having all of these help to guarantee the customer that this is a serious business and these investments must be taken seriously to maintain good quality custom work on shoes.




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