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Michaelangelo AF1

Michaelangelo AF1

100% Hand Painted Michaelangelo inspired Air Force 1's


VERY RARE: The awe-inspiring "Hands of God" design graces the sneakers' inner panels, symbolizing divine inspiration and creativity. The delicately painted fingers reaching towards each other encapsulate the essence of artistic endeavor, making these sneakers a true testament to the timeless power of human creation*


All products are custom painted and have no relationship with the artists/products brand at all


*Allow an estimated 3 weeks for production before shipping*


  • 100% Hand Painted
  • Paints are crack and water resistant
  • UK- Special Delivery
  • International- Tracked and Signed


These are a custom pair of shoes so please handle them with care (do not scratch and peel at the paint in order to preserve the shoes). I will not repair or replace the items due to poor care.


*AI Generated


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