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Painting Thin Linework on Shoes

working blog 07.12

These last few days I’ve been busy at work getting through Christmas request orders including these pieces I’ve worked on and working on…

Dragonball Z AF1

One design specifically I want to focus on talking about is this Dragonball Z pair of Air Force 1’s I painted. It was a commission that was initially asked to be kept simple and ‘wearable’ in a way that they could go with any outfit

I then started researching into inspiration for this design, looking mainly at DBZ comic strips. I love how these look and you can get some insane composition inspo from these also with the expressive text and flying objects around the characters

I started to work on the characters, the paint-brush I used was a Windsor and Newton size 0000 brush and paints was Angelus Direct black leather paint

This kind of paintwork is kinda like using a pencil, but you have to be very patient and have a very steady hand, I usually trim my paintbrush bristles down to literally two bristles lol so I can get as small as lines as possible

Here is the final product. The customer was very happy with how it came out and they’re now on their way to America!

Kanye Sneak Peek

Here is a Kanye West hoodie I’m currently working on, I’ll be sharing a whole blog post on the process of this piece so stay tuned

Other day to day updates

I’m currently getting my old studio packed and ready for my big move up to Manchester out of my hometown of Worcester, my time in Worcester has been the best for building my business and local connections with people and small businesses around. But I think with a fresh start to my instagram (after it got scammed and deactivated) comes a fresh start to my personal life. I hope this move brings new connections and help my career as a self employed artist thrive. I stay true to my work with providing people with unique and sentimental pieces of wearable art. It would be so cool to get more music artist collaborations on the go, I’ll be working on this also.

Thanks for reading my working blog, expect a new blog soon and keep updated with my works on instagram and TikTok (@cam.createz)



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